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I want you to understand how much I truly appreciate the stellar work you are doing in moving TaL AM along its evolutionary path into the 21st century. Deep in my bones, I know that you are doing work that only your team could do. I thank you for staying the course, for your perseverance and for your commitment to a literate, knowledgeable and joyful future for the Jewish community in the Diaspora.
Dr. Cindy Dolgin  // Head of School, Schechter School of Long Island
This has been a very exciting year of piloting iTaLAM. I have found the experience to be invigorating and enriching for our students. I would be very excited about exploring 3rd Grade with you and to discuss continuing 2nd Grade next year.
Rabbi Uzi Beer  // Assistant Principal, Yeshivat Noam
My daughter says, ‘I have homework and I also have iTaLAM!’ She loves it.
Parent  // Yeshivat Noam
Your fantastic product is a major breakthrough for our students.
Rabbi Netanel Gralla  // Principal, Yeshivat He’atid
It has been a true pleasure to have been selected as one of the pilot schools for iTaLAM. This year has given Hebrew Academy of Montreal the opportunity to be part of something great. The technology and educational components used in creating this program has allowed for such growth and interactive learning. Our grade 2 teachers as well as students have been able to bring iTaLAM’s virtual classroom to life.
Jordana Levy  // Director of Judaic Studies, Hebrew Academy of Montreal
Our second grade teachers have been nothing but delighted with the new iTaLAM technology. They love the hands-on approach that complements the curriculum and see tremendous enthusiasm and progress in their students. There is no question that this has been a tremendous boost to iTaLAM.
Wende Weinberg  // Director of Jewish Studies and Programs, Levine Academy
Our students are excited to learn every day! They never want the lesson to end! As teachers, iTaLAM has given us tools that help our students visualize words and concepts easily without the need for translations. It offers them ways to experiment and aids understanding in a way that students don’t feel embarrassed or awkward in front of their peers. Students stay engaged and on task, reducing behavioral problems in class. Our parents have been very excited about iTaLAM as well. They love seeing their children's happy faces while they complete their assignments. Our parents have even expressed their regret that iTaLAM was not available to them growing up! There is no doubt in my mind that iTaLAM is an innovative, student-friendly Hebrew program that helps us, as educators, make teaching and learning more meaningful and fun. I would definitely recommend that all schools take advantage of the opportunities iTaLAM offers. Thank you!
Dafna Berman  // Hebrew Coordinator, HANC West Hempstead

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