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Distance Learning During COVID-19

Distance Learning During COVID-19

In light of the spread of the Coronavirus throughout the world and the closing of many schools, iTaLAM has reinforced the curriculum for distance learning–at no additional cost for thousands of students worldwide! Especially during these times, it is important to us to help as much as possible in order to continue teaching Hebrew and Jewish heritage to Jewish schools throughout the world!

Thank you to everyone who took advantage of our special offers during the COVID-19 period. We are pleased to share that we have decided to extend the use of the program until July 20th as opposed to the previously listed date, July 1st.
We wish you all a safe and pleasant summer break!

For additional details regarding materials for the upcoming school year, check out our catalogue.

For additional details regarding Professional Development, check out our training page.

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Special Offers

Registration closed on May 1, 2020

For those who have already submitted the form before May 1, 2020 and have yet to send the list with new users, please complete this form (automatic download) with your new users and submit to

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Wall of Gratitude

A few words from schools using iTaLAM…

“Because of superstars like iTaLAM’s Dafna, we literally set up an online virtual school in 24 hours. You would think our students are attending HANC University. Truly inspiring! As a school that has benefited from iTaLAM, we feel that when it came to distance learning we were ahead of the game. Our students have been working on the iTaLAM online platform with their teachers all year long, which made it very easy to transition to learning from home. The teacher uses the wonderful LMS system to monitor students' work and give them real time feedback. Having the iTaLAM platform helps our students stay engaged and excited about continuing learning Hebrew. They feel more connected to their virtual classmates, as they are now in the virtual reality as well. Thank you iTaLAM for making our kids virtual schooling so seamless and enjoyable!”
Rabbi Yaakov Sadigh
Head of W.H. Campuses, Hebrew Academy of Nassau County
“The Bar-Ilan school is one of the partners of this teaching platform, which inspires its students to develop their Jewish identity through innovative Jewish study units in Hebrew. During this global crisis, new tools and strategies are being proposed by iTaLAM so that we can seek solutions and improvements in distance learning. Today, our morot Vanessa, Bina, Brenda, Betty, and Teka participated in a video conference with the iTaLAM team, making it possible for teacher training to continue online at a time when we cannot meet in person. We are always seeking professional improvement so that, even in an emergency situation, iTaLAM is making it possible for us to acquire knowledge and offer higher quality teaching to our students.”
Bar-Ilan Jewish Day School
Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
As teachers around the world transition to home-based e-learning, an invaluable resource for our school, the Ramaz Lower School, has been using the iTaLAM program. In the past few weeks, the iTaLAM team really stepped up and helped us in many ways. They created ad-hoc training for our teachers, expanded their materials, and helped us carry our mission of teaching Hebrew and Judaic studies. Our teachers are committed to providing lessons that continue to advance the Hebrew language skills of our students, even remotely. iTaLAM has been a critical partner in allowing us to achieve our goals. Their remote learning classes are focused, fun to use, and allow our teachers to spend their time on teaching and leverage their own lesson plans for online classes. The material is easy to teach even over video. These aren’t easy times for anyone, but iTaLAM made our job a little easier. Our students are ready for Pesach, even in these hard times when everyone is secluded in their homes.
Hedva Ofek-Shai
Director of Hebrew Language Curriculum and Faculty Supervision, The Ramaz School
“I would like to thank you on behalf of all Jewish Day Schools in Australia for your dedication, commitment and support in this difficult time. We are all in the process of building our resources and program for distance learning. The iTaLAM leadership team, coordinators, and administrators all do above and beyond to assist us as we plan and deliver online lessons in the most efficient way. The feedback and appreciation of the Heads of Hebrew and Jewish Studies and the teachers is overwhelming, and they are all committed to attend Zoom meetings and learn as much as possible. The iTaLAM team works long hours to help, guide, and assist coordinators and teachers. Their dedication is admirable and we couldn’t have offered such quality program without their commitment and support.”
Hagit Bar-On
Emanuel School, Sydney, Australia, and iTaLAM national rep

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Visit our Youtube channel for clips and guidance for each iTaLAM grade.

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How to help parents help the students?

We have created an easy guide for parents to use when helping their children log in to the program.

Click here to download a guide on how to log in to iTaLAM at home for parents.

It is also available here in Hebrew.