• In the new year, you will be able to see student reports in English
  • In the new year, You will be able to learn with your students in new workbooks that have been adapted to the digital learning environment, strengthening Hebrew written and oral expression with new content that our teachers have requested
  • In the new year, 25,000 students in 250 schools in 38 countries will be learning with iTaLAM’s blended curriculum
  • In the new year, 250 teachers will participate in online training
  • In the new year, more than 100 principals and 500 teachers will participate in face-to-face training
  • In the new year, 50 new schools will be part of the iTaLAM learning family
  • In the new year, we will open a preparatory program for 5th grade that will include educational activities related to skills and knowledge that are currently not included in the curriculum
  • We are all looking forward to a productive, successful, and meaningful new year of learning!