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Embracing Acceptance and Sensitivity

Embracing Acceptance and Sensitivity

Dear friends,


We, like you, are following the daily developments in the US and elsewhere, first with shock at the brutal death of George Floyd, and now with a growing sense of amazement at the mass outpouring of concern and demand for social justice.

Here at iTaLAM, one of our key educational themes has always been respecting and accepting others. While the students in our virtual classrooms all share a Jewish identity, our programming underscores the importance of accepting diversity of background and opinions, and the positive impact that can and should have on the development of young students’ identification with the broader, more diverse Jewish people. When we teach about Israel, we make every effort to focus on the many positives that result from a society inclusive of people of all backgrounds. It is our hope and expectation that these lessons are applied by our students to the broader world as they grow up and engage with others in a very diverse global society.


We join with you in what we know is your hope for better times and a better world, where embracing acceptance and sensitivity towards differences is a part of every person’s daily experience. We look forward to continuing to work with you in bringing this message to your students, as a core Jewish and human value.


With concern and warm regards,

Shoshi Becker