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iTaLAM 4

iTaLAM 4

HaKita HaMeuchedet (Chayey Yom Yom)

The Chayey Yom Yom track of iTaLAM 4 is called “HaKita HaMeuchedet” and it deals with the following central themes:

  1. Building a unified society by establishing rules of learning and behavior and establishing social conventions.
  2. Preserving the uniqueness within a unified society.
  3. Identifying a problem, offering advice, and choosing a solution.
  4. Identifying the uniqueness that is within each person through external and internal traits (a continuation and deepening of iTaLAM 3).
  5. Etiquette words – utilizing the language in order to communicate with people.
  6. In a society, there are people with special needs and it is important to be thoughtful and considerate of them.

The program includes: a digital system with an elaborate LMS, a sviva Ivrit, workbooks, posters, flashcards, and games.


In the iTaLAM 4 Chaggim track, students expand on the knowledge that was acquired in the previous years regarding the central content of each holiday. The students deepen their knowledge about the holidays’ historical stories and the mitzvot and customs for each holiday. The students employ problem solving skills to recognize problem-advice-solution in order to discuss the central characters’ problems which are related to the holiday (such as the heroes of the megillah and the maccabees) and the solutions that were chosen.

The students expand their halachic knowledge in the style of question-answer, questions and answers that demonstrate how halacha offers answers to questions in their daily lives.