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Who Are We? Training Staff

Shoshi Becker

Shoshi is CEO of iTaLAM. She has 25 years of experience in managing Jewish educational organizations in Israel and developing innovative programs for teaching Hebrew and Jewish heritage. She is responsible for iTaLAM’s educational programming, administration and finances, outreach, and initiatives for the future development of iTaLAM. 

Shoshi holds a BA in Education and History of the Jewish People, MA in History from Bar-Ilan University, and a degree in Graphic Design from the Technion. Has 4 children and 3 grandchildren. Shoshi lives with her husband in Maale Michmash, Israel.

Yael Alon

Yael Alon, Development Director at iTaLAM for 5 years, began her career as a teacher and over the years focused on writing curricula at the Ministry of Education in Israel. With the development of the Internet and its impact on the education system she moved on to distance teacher training, and online educational content development.

 Trained at the Google Teachers’ Academy and Google’s Innovation Lab for Education in Israel, she managed the Internet unit at Herzog College, implementing change processes and implementing technological tools in the academy.

Miriam Cohen

Miriam Cohen has been a staff member of Tal Am and iTaLAM since the establishment of Tall Am more than three decades ago. She is engaged in the development of printed content and digital content, supporting the next generation of iTaLAM developers and training teachers to teach the program in an effective way. Miriam returned to

Israel after a long stay in Montreal, Canada and today she lives with her husband in Kiryat Ono. She is a proud grandmother to 9 grandchildren, three of whom are studying with iTaLAM.

Esti Schwartz

Esti Schwartz is the liaison for the iTaLAM European and Asia schools. She has worked as a techno-pedagogue for the past 6 years, developing the digital curriculum and training teachers worldwide. Esti started her career in hi-tech and later transitioned to education, teaching Judaic Studies in SAR Academy, New York. She has completed her master’s

degree in Learning Technologies in Education, focusing her thesis research on cultural differences in technology assimilation in classrooms around the world.

Rama Aharoni

Rama Aharoni has been working as a techno-pedagogue for iTalam for the past 7 years, developing the curriculum, adapting it from print to the digital platform, and training teachers for teaching with the program. Rama began her career as a writer in the Tal-AM team in its printed version and continued as a teacher and educator at Noga High

School in Beit Shemesh,Israel. Rama holds a BA in Jewish philosophy and mass communication & Journalism. She lives in Rosh Tzurim Israel, with her husband, five children and one dog.

Keren Ginzberg

Keren Ginzberg has been training teachers how to teach with the ITalam program for the past 3 years. Keren began her career as a Tal-AM teacher in Cologne Germany for 7 years and later continued in SAR academy in New York for 10 years. Keren is expert in ITalam methodology. She is a big believer that anything is possible with ITalam.

Keren lives in Kibbutz Saad, Israel, with her husband and four children.

Einat Neumann

Einat Neumann has been working as a techno-pedagogue for iTalam for the past 7 years, developing the curriculum and assessment materials, and is also training teachers for teaching with the program. Einat is a speech therapist and a specialist in language development and language disabilities in preschool and school-

age children. She worked many years as a digital curriculum developer.  Einat lives in Hod Hasharon, Israel with her husband and has three grown up children

Vital Geiger

Vital Geiger has been working as a techno-pedagogue for iTalam for the past 7 years, developing the curriculum, and training teachers for teaching with the program. Vital is a speech therapist (MA) and specialist in language development in preschool and school-age children. She worked many years in developing Printed and online curricula. 

Vital lives in Netanya, Israel with her husband and her three children.

Osnat David

Osnat David joined the iTaLAM team in summer 2019, as one of the North America facilitators. Osnat was born in Vilna, Lithuania, grew up in Israel and has been living in the United States since the summer of 1997. Prior to working with us, Osnat worked for twenty years at the Albert Einstein Academy Community Day School in Wilmington, Delaware.

Osnat was the Hebrew and Jewish Studies educat and the Hebrew and Jewish Studies Department Coordinator in the school. Osnat started the TaLAM program at her school about ten years ago, beginning with implementing the 1st, 2nd and 3rd grades TaLAM curricula in the school for the 1st  through 4th grades. Osnat has been involved in her synagogue community, Congregation Beth Shalom in Wilmington DE, for the past fifteen years. There, she is the Hebrew specialist, supporting students and teachers as well as helping students young and old learn Hebrew and study for their Bar and Bat Mitzvah.

Varda Sebbag

Teacher at Hebrew Academy for 33 years.Teaching grades 2, 3, 4 and 6 using Tal Sela, Tal Am and iTaLAM programs. Varda Sebbag is an expert in the iTaLAM program methodology. She is a strong advocate of ivrit b’ivrit and a teachers training coach. Varda Sebbag was also part of the writers team for iTaLAM. Currently teaching grades 3 and 4 at Hebrew Academy 

Montréal and training teachers for the iTaLAM program. She lives in Montréal with her husband, surrounded by her children and grandchildren.

Eran Rosenberg

Eran Rosenberg serves as Director of Jewish Life and Learning and teaches Hebrew language and Jewish Studies at Columbus Jewish Day School in Ohio. Eran has been teaching Talam and iTalam for more than 15 years and has been serving as the coordinator of iTalam at his school. As a member of the Talam Technology Think Tank,

he assisted in transforming the program into the digital platform, iTalam.  He piloted  the program and continues to edit various curricular pieces. A regular contributor to Lev Talam group on Facebook, Eran is involved with developing and sharing educational materials with fellow Jewish day school teachers.