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Technical Requirements

Technical Requirements

System Requirements 

For the successful implementation of iTaLAM in your school, please read the following technical requirements:

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Device Minimum Recommended Requirements
PC/Operating SystemWindows 7 and laterWindows 10
 BrowserChrome (from Desktop)*
LaptopProcessorIntel i5Intel i7 and later
ChromebookBrowserChrome (from Desktop)*
Version20142015 and later
Touch screen* Some activities do not support touch screens. A regular mouse or touchpad can be usedMouse and Keyboard
* Long touch on Chromebook causes “right click”. This can cause content menu to appear when navigating the home screen.
Apple iOS devices**BrowserSafari 
iOS Version13.1 and above 
SettingsEnable WEBRTC functionality (*see instructions below) 
Internet per 20 concurrent users (DL/UL)Minimum RequirementsRecommended Requirements
50 Mbps / 1Mbps100 Mbps and above /  5Mbps
Microphone (External/Built in)
Camera (External/Built in)

Additional recommendations:

It is highly recommended that each classroom have an access point within the room. The access point should support a large number of users (over 100).

**The following devices are NOT compatible with iTaLAM – iPad Mini 2, iPad Mini 3, iPad Air (2013), All iPhone and cellular devices.

iPad/Mac Users

iPad users: iTaLAM is no longer supported by the APP. iPad/Mac users should access the program via the Safari web browser (with the latest update).

Please note it is required to upgrade the iOS to the most recent version.

  1. Setting the support for recording on the browser: click for video tutorial
  2. Restricting the browser to specific domains: click for video tutorial

For additional technical support questions, please contact our support team: