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iTaLAM 5

iTaLAM 5


We are so excited to announce that iTaLAM has come to 5th Grade!! Now your students can enjoy the latest educational technology and modern teaching methods when learning Hebrew. iTaLAM introduces digital components and gamification which serve to provide an engaging, interactive and multisensory experience for students. This platform includes online games, songs, interactive stories, and fun activities. Students are encouraged to delve into the material and contribute in a creative capacity both in the classroom and at home.

The main features of iTaLAM include:

  • Facilitated personalized instruction and learning adapted to each student’s level and interests.
  • Accelerated learning through focused flipped classroom instruction.
  • Autonomous learning that enables every student to advance at his/her own pace.

Chayey Yom Yom - haKita haChoshevet

iTaLAM 5 advances Hebrew communication along with Jewish heritage studies, and provides students with advanced language and thinking skills. The students from the virtual classroom, who are familiar from previous years, accompany students throughout the year, while simultaneously integrating photo stills, new characters, and pictures and videos of Israeli children. It is possible to teach iTaLAM 5 to students who have not studied the previous iTaLAM grades.

The topics covered are as follows:

  1. Beginnings – This unit deals with different beginnings in life: year, day, and the beginning of the school year. The students learn about dealing with new beginnings and about the feelings associated with different kinds of beginnings as well as expressing hopes and wishes for the future.
  2. Thinking Caps – This unit deals with the process of problem-solving with the help of DeBono’s thinking caps: the students learn to use facts, feelings, pros, cons, ideas for finding a solution, and thinking about thinking (meta-cognition) in order to find the best possible solution to the problem.
  3. What Do I Want To Be? – This unit deals with the internal universe of the student and choosing what he/she wants to be when he/she grows up. The students get to know people in various professions, discover for themselves what their characteristics, abilities, desires, and aspirations are and choose a profession with which they identify.
  4. Parables – This unit deals with parables and their messages. Students draw from the traits and behavior of the people and animals in the story and learn what appropriate behavior is.
  5. Holidays (In Development) –  For each holiday, there is a unit that deals with the content and core values of the holiday as well as how the holiday is celebrated in Israel. For the current school year, it will be possible to purchase the current TaL AM materials (print only).

HaOlam Shelanu

The content track HaOlam Shelanu is intended for students in grades 3-5, and its goal is to strengthen language skills and reinforce Hebrew communication. This track includes units on various topics from daily life, such as food, clothes, and numbers. In each unit there are experiential activities and games, which assist the students with the acquisition of vocabulary and linguistic skills needed for communicating the materials studied – orally or written.


The activities in each unit are adapted to each grade: An activity with a low difficulty is intended for students in grade 3 (kita gimmel), a medium-difficulty activity is intended for students in grade 4 (kita daled), and a high-difficulty activity is intended for grade 5 (kita hey). However, it is up to the teachers to decide which activities to open for their students (in grades 3, 4, and 5) according to their abilities.