End-of-Year Assessments

NEW! Following a successful pilot, iTaLAM is pleased to announce that a new selection of end-of-year digital student assessments is now available for purchase in the webstore.


End-of-year assessments have been developed for grades 1–4 and may be purchased along with your school’s online order of digital student packages and other iTaLAM learning materials for the upcoming 2021–2022 academic year.


Since the development of the iTaLAM digital platform, teachers have been able to track students’ progress in each digital assignment and activity throughout the year using a variety of reporting features in the advanced Learning Management System (LMS). Until now, there has been no standardized summative assessment to evaluate students’ overall achievements and Hebrew language proficiency in all skills across the board. 

iTaLAM’s team of experienced educators and professionals have worked together to develop exams tailored to each grade level, designed to help schools measure the effectiveness of their Hebrew language programs. Now, with iTaLAM’s new end-of-year assessments, teachers can easily and effectively evaluate their students’ skills and ensure their achievements match up to the goals set for each grade level.


Trust. iTaLAM’s assessments were developed by our world-class team of professionals with decades of experience teaching Hebrew language skills and training educators. Schools can be confident that iTaLAM assessments are designed to accurately measure student progress and provide insights that will help teachers improve learning in the classroom. 



Ease-of-use. iTaLAM provides training and instruction to teachers on how to properly administer the assessments. The training is free of charge for all schools who purchase iTaLAM’s end-of-year assessments. The automated components of the exams are checked by the iTaLAM system which provides instantaneous feedback on where each student stands. After the assessments are administered, teachers have access to clear reports which offer valuable data on each student and highlight which areas require improvement.


Efficiency. Teachers are now able to save time and administer iTaLAM’s ready-made end-of-year assessments instead of writing and analyzing their own exams at the end of each school year.


Flexibility. Teachers are able to administer the assessments to students in the classroom or at home. There is no set time limit for students taking the assessments.


Global standard. iTaLAM’s curriculum is taught in over 350 Jewish day schools around the world. Our team of experts has worked closely with schools to design and pilot these assessments to help ensure students maintain a high level of achievement in their studies.

Frequently Asked Questions

Currently, end-of-year assessments are available for purchase for iTaLAM grade levels 1, 2, 3, and 4.

iTaLAM 1

The end-of-year assessment for grade 1 is comprised of two separate exams.


The first exam includes:

  • Short texts to evaluate reading comprehension. (Some to be read aloud by the teacher, and some to be read silently)
  • Vocabulary
  • Grammar skills

The second exam is designed to assess students’ phonetic reading ability. Each student’s reading ability is evaluated according to the following criteria: reading speed and reading accuracy.


The second exam contains two texts, both of which include all vowels and consonants:

  • The first text consists solely of words the students have learned throughout the year.
  • The second text consists both of words the students have already learned, as well as new words which the students haven’t yet learned in class.

During the second exam, students read the texts aloud from their computer or tablet and record themselves.* Following the exam, teachers listen to the recordings at their convenience and evaluate the results according to the instructions provided in the teacher’s guide.


*The texts can be printed for students who have difficulty reading from a computer screen.


iTaLAM 2–4

The end-of-year assessments for iTaLAM grades 2,* 3, and 4 evaluate each student’s proficiency with the following language skills:

  • Vocabulary
  • Grammar
  • Sentence Patterns
  • Reading and reading comprehension
  • Listening and listening comprehension
  • Speech and oral expression
  • Writing and written expression

Teachers receive guidance and detailed instruction on how to effectively grade and evaluate each student’s language skills.


*iTaLAM has also developed a mid-year assessment for iTaLAM 2 students which is included in the price when you purchase an end-of-year assessment for iTaLAM 2.



The LMS, or Learning Management System, is an advanced reporting system that is built into the iTaLAM digital platform. The LMS conducts formative assessments year-round and allows teachers to view and export a range of reports on the level of individual students or the whole class.


The LMS provides a real-time indication of how students are performing and can signal to the teacher if they are on track of it they are struggling and require assistance in a particular area.


End-of-Year Assessments


iTaLAM’s new end-of-year assessments are summative assessments which provide a holistic view of students’ overall progress, as well as measure their achievements against the benchmarks set for their grade level.


The assessments show teachers which skills were properly retained by the middle and/or end of the school year, and highlight which areas require further attention.

Each assessment includes a section of closed questions that are automatically checked and graded by the system. Following the exam, the teacher receives a detailed report with the students’ scores for each skill tested. The exam also contains two open sections for evaluating oral and written expression skills. This section is graded by the teacher using a rubric developed by iTaLAM educators.


Teachers receive guidance and instruction from iTaLAM’s team of professionals before administering the assessments and have access to iTaLAM support in the event they require assistance with any aspect of the exams.

End-of-year assessments can be found for purchase in the iTaLAM webstore under the “Assessments” tab in each grade level.

Following your purchase, you will be able to access your assessments in the iTaLAM digital platform.

Click the links below to view the products in the webstore:

Please note: the purchase of one assessment is valid for one student only. To assess all of your students at the end of the upcoming school year, make sure to purchase an equal number of assessments to the number of student packages in your cart.

The end-of-year assessments for grades 1–4 cost $10 per student.

The teacher’s guide and training resources are included in the purchase of the assessments.

In the Webstore

Click the links below to view the end-of-year assessments in the iTaLAM webstore. Make sure to log in with your school code and add the products to your cart before placing your order for the 2021–2022 school year.