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Happy Hanukkah!

Happy Hanukkah!







Happy Hanukkah! 


Hanukkah is bringing light into houses and hearts around the world. The light that we are celebrating is much more than just physical. The light is a beam we can direct towards the things we choose to see, and it’s in our hands to direct it towards the good things!


Hanukkah is a great opportunity to focus on the light and ponder over all the wonderful things that bring light into our lives.  This year, I am thrilled to share with you something that I do with my family during this special holiday. Soon, when we are all gathered around a table filled with latkes and dreidels, we will sing songs with our loved ones and every candle we ignite, will be for us a light we choose to cast over an important thing in our lives, and share it with the people we hold dear: 


First Candle: It is time to cast a light on our accomplishments.


Second Candle: It’s important to cast a light on the process, and not just the result. 


Third Candle: We will remember to cast a light on someone we care about and yet haven’t connected with for a while. 


Fourth Candle: We will try to ignite others with our enthusiasm. 


Fifth Candle: We will cast a light on our opportunities to simply be and celebrate together.


Sixth Candle: We will make sure to put a light on the voices that others are sounding.


Seventh Candle: We will give a green light to things we’ve been holding back.


Eighth Candle: We will voice new ideas and thoughts and have them see light




Wishing you all a happy and de-LIGHT-ful Hanukkah,


With gratitude and appreciation,