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Shana Tova u-Metuka from iTaLAM

Shana Tova u-Metuka from iTaLAM


What do we mean when we say Shana Tova u-Metuka – Have a good and sweet year?

To understand this common greeting for the Jewish new year, let me share a personal story about my family.


Ten years ago, we went to an all-inclusive resort. Some might assume what’s important about an all-inclusive resort are the three meals provided each day – but for our kids, that was trivial compared to the large freezer full of free, unlimited popsicles!

We had been to nicer and better vacations, but for our kids, unlimited sweet popsicles are the ultimate vacation.


What is it about unlimited sweetness that makes children so happy? Perhaps it’s the sense of unadulterated enjoyment without ramifications; or maybe, the cool sweetness that remains in their mouths after the popsicle is long gone.

The experience of sweetness is long lasting, and sticks with us. As the new year approaches on the Jewish calendar, we wish the students, teachers, schools, and iTaLAM family that the sense of sweetness we try to embed in our learning will endure and become long-lasting. May we, in turn, be granted the sweet privilege of educating children, and instilling them with enthusiasm and excitement about the upcoming Jewish holidays. Let them know and remember that we are part of a great tradition and community, with a shared language that provides us with a lasting sweetness. My gratitude goes out to all those who work hard to make education sweet at iTaLAM, and those sweet children who learn with us.


I would like to end with a song describing the sweet experience of children learning their letters, in the village of Tudra in the Atlas Mountains:




Lyrics: Yehoshua Sobol

Melody: Shlomo Bar


In our village Tudra

In the heart of the Atlas Mountains

We would take a child

Who reached the age of five

A crown of flowers would be made for him

In our village Tudra

A crown would be placed on his head

When he turned five

All the children on the street

Would throw him a big celebration

When he reached the age of five

In our village Tudra



And then, the guest of honor,

Who had reached the age of five

In our village Tudra

Would be taken into the synagogue

And they would write, on a wooden board,

From Aleph to Tav

In honey, all the letters of the Aleph-Bet

And they would tell him:

Beloved, lick them!

And the Torah in his mouth

Would be as sweet as honey

In our village Tudra

In the heart of the Atlas Mountains



Wishing the iTaLAM family worldwide a Shana Tova u-Metuka!

Shoshi Becker and the iTaLAM team