Embracing the Children of Israel!
מחבקת את ילדי ישראל

ומסייעת לילדי כיתות א’ המפונים מבתיהם להמשיך בשגרה

Israel is facing a challenging and tense reality. Many of our sons, daughters, and relatives are drafted into the army, and many others are dealing with life-threatening situations away from their homes. All of us are living with tension, fear, and worry.

We will continue to build, educate, strengthen, and preserve the Hebrew language and the continuity of our heritage. We are at your service for any questions, and we will do our best to continue our work.

We receive words of encouragement and support from the iTaLAM family worldwide, which greatly strengthens us. We would also be happy to distribute letters that you send to us at: contact@italam.org and we will ensure they reach soldiers in Israel.

We have created special units, songs, download pages, and word cards for you to use.

How to talk to young
children about the war in Israel

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iTaLAM warmly welcomes the children of Israel! 


During these challenging times, iTaLAM is committed to assisting all first-grade children who have been displaced from their homes, ensuring that they maintain their regular routines. 


We invite them to join us on a joyful journey, learning to read through iTALAM Global’s innovative and experiential approach. 


Together with AriOt, you can learn with children of the Diaspora around the world.


All you need to do to receive personal usernames  for displaced children is follow this link and complete the form:

We send our love and embrace you wholeheartedly.

Hoping for better days,


The iTaLAM team


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For any questions regarding the program, please contact support@italam.org