Do you teach iTaLAM 3?
We have excellent news for you!
Introducing: The New iTaLAM 3 Everyday Life Unit!

The Classroom and Our Environment

The new unit includes additional games and activities, more spoken and functional Hebrew, and more links with the students’ everyday lives.

The new program is structured in two parts: Makirim Et HaKita and Makirim Et HaSviva, as a spiraled continuation of the Everyday Life units in previous grades.

Makirim Et HaKita:

The improved and updated program offers an introduction to the students’ external features, hobbies and talents (replacing multiple intelligences). It can also be expanded to include the rules and learning practices in the classroom.

Makirim Et HaSviva:

This section is new! The students are introduced to places outside their school environment, and to the various activities that occur in each of these places (this unit will be developed during the 2023-2024 school year). For example:

Kef Letayel BaSviva Shelanu – Learning vocabulary pertaining to the children’s everyday environment, as well as verbs and adjectives, and practicing the construction of sentences in spoken Hebrew – all through familiar everyday situations.

Ma Lovshim? Eifo, uMatai? – Reinforcing vocabulary pertaining to clothing, introducing new words, practice and reinforcement of grammar and sentence structure skills.

Ma Ochlim? Eifor, uMatai? – Reinforcing vocabulary pertaining to food, as well as grammar and sentence structure skills, developing oral and written expression.

Kotvim uMesaprim Al HaSviva Shelani – After the students learn about their environment (different places, and what is done in each place; what we wear, where and when: what we eat, where and when), they are ready to express themselves, both orally and in written form, about their own environment.

How to teach the new iTaLAM 3 program this year:
Please take note! The digital component has been changed and upgraded. In order to adapt the digital component to the workbook you currently have, you must download the updated Table of Contents that appears in the Teacher’s Guide, and print it for each student. The Teacher’s Guide also includes updated flashcards and download pages for the Talents unit, which has replaced the Multiple Intelligences unit. A new and updated workbook will be published for the 2024-2025 school year – תשפ”ה.