מורים חדשים

Teacher Training 2024 - 2025 School Year

We are delighted to open registration season for iTaLAM teacher training, anticipating the upcoming school year (2024-2025). With the feedback we have received from the field and a wealth of experience, this year we offer new and updated iTaLAM training programs, which have been adapted to the needs of each and every teacher.

This year no teacher is left behind! Every new teacher will undergo training and year-long guidance from iTaLAM!

Who is the Course For?

  • First year teachers

  • Shlichim

  • Teachers who intend to teach with the iTaLAM program for the first time

  • Teachers transferring to a new iTaLAM level in the next school year

  • New or experienced teachers who have not attended iTaLAM training in the past (only TaLAM)

  • Teachers who spent one year teaching with iTaLAM and want to reinforce their understanding of the program

What does the course offer new teachers?

This new course provides everything you need for a successful implementation of the iTaLAM program, at your own convenience!

We combine our professional course with a personal approach, providing teachers with practical and useful tools for making the best use out of iTaLAM materials.

Course Structure

During Summer Vacation: 4 Concentrated Online Training Sessions



ט-י”ב בתמוז


15-18 July, 6-9 p.m. Israel time


The summer sessions will provide teachers with the tools and knowledge they need to begin the school year in a positive and efficient manner. Teachers will learn the principles for teaching Hebrew in Hebrew, and understand the practical tools at their disposal in the program. Teachers will become familiar with the curriculum, and learn how to best utilize it in their classroom.

Date Content

15 July

How to teach Hebrew in Hebrew with iTaLAM

We will begin with a peek into the program’s structure, in order to understand
how iTaLAM can be taught in the best and most exciting way.

16 July

What are language skills, and how can they be
reinforced in the classroom?

We will examine various language skills, and learn how they can be reinforced
in the classroom, to improve the overall level of Hebrew in the classroom.

17 July

How should we begin the year in our classroom?

We will address creating an efficient and enjoyable lesson plan with iTaLAM,
which will bring meaningful and experiential learning into the classroom.

18 July

How to teach in a fun and experiential way

We will learn how to combine games, songs, and stories in the learning process,
through practical workshops that will help us prepare to teach Hebrew and
Chagei Tishrei in the most exciting and creative way possible.

Throughout the year: individual guidance sessions + online group sessions

4 online sessions with the course coordinator and participants.


Sessions will take place on Wednesdays, 6:30-8 p.m. Israel time


  • 30 October 2024
  • 4 December 2024
  • 29 January 2025
  • 19 March 2025

Group sessions throughout the year will engage in preparation for the upcoming learning period, address study progress in the classroom and the challenges teachers face, and learn how to promote all modes of communication in the classroom: reading, writing, and oral and written expression.


3 focused individual guidance sessions
Each 30 minute session with the course director is based on your individual needs, at your convenience, by appointment. Sessions will take place at the start of the school year, after the Chagim, and throughout November. The sessions will help teachers begin the year successfully, with all the individual support you need.

Access to available and practical sources of information

Access to Google Clasroom A virtual classroom where you can easily find recordings of sessions and presentations, and communicate with the group and the group coordinator.


WhatsApp Group iTaLAM has a quiet WhatsApp group intended for teachers in the course, where teachers receive short and professional biweekly instructional videos. The videos include ideas, tips, and advice to help teachers with classroom teaching, assessment, and improving student achievement throughout the year.

Costs and Registration

Regular price – $500

SALE Early registration – By July 1st, 2024$400


** New schools and schools adding a new iTaLAM level and/or schools teaching all
iTaLAM levels are eligible to one free course.

To finalize your registration, you will be required to provide credit card information.