I don't see the updates in my new reports. What should I do?
  1. Clean (erase) your browser history (including cache and cookies). This may take a while. If it is running for a few minutes, be patient–this means it is working.
  2. Close the browser completely. (Close all tabs and exit the browser.)
  3. Restart the browser.
Some of the units are locked for me (teacher) and my students.

Enter the LMS with your teacher username. Click on the class where you are having an issue. Click on the appropriate track. Then find the unit that is locked. On the left hand side, click the lock icon (it should go from closed to open) for the units you want to open.

Units are locked per class, so you will need to manage each class separately.

How do I change the password for a user?
  • Log in with your school’s UMS admin username and password
  • Go to ‘Edit Users’
  • Click the pencil icon next to the appropriate user
  • Click the ‘Change Password’ button on the top right
Teacher - Request to Change Password

When a teacher first logs in to iTaLAM for the first time each school year, s/he will be prompted to change the password. This must be at least 8 characters and you should write it down in a secure location that you will remember. If you forget this new password, you will need to log in to the UMS and reset the password. (see above)

Why can't my student login?
  • Make sure the student has been placed in a class. Students that are not assigned to a class will not have access to the program. To check, go to ‘Edit Users’ and below class, make sure the appropriate class is listed. If not, select a class and click ‘Save’.
  • Go to ‘Edit Users’, find the student from the list, click on the pencil icon to edit the user. Once on the user’s individual page, click “Change Password” to reset the password. Click save. If you change a user’s password, please make sure you save the new password in a secure location on your computer.
Can teachers be assigned to multiple classes?

Yes. A teacher can be assigned to multiple classes and to multiple grades.

Can students be assigned to multiple classes?

No. A student can only be in one class at any given time. In order to move a student from class to class, you may do so from the ‘Edit Classes’ section or you may edit the class on that individual student’s page via ‘Edit Users’.

How do I print student login cards?
  • Log in to the UMS with your school’s admin username and password.
  • On the left side panel click ‘Class’
  • Below that, click on ‘Edit Classes’
  • Find the class you want from the list of classes and click on the ‘user list’ icon

Click on the ‘Login Cards’ button and a window will open prompting you to print the login cards.

How do I retrieve student usernames and passwords?
  • Log in to the UMS with your school’s admin username and password.
  • On the left side panel click ‘Class’
  • Below that, click on ‘Edit Classes’
  • Find the class you want from the list of classes and click on the ‘user list’ icon

Click on the ‘Users Data’ button and an excel file with a list of the usernames and passwords will download to your computer. (If you do not see the file, check your computer’s Downloads folder.)

Do teachers need to be rolled over from the previous year?

No. Teachers that are in the system from last year will remain in the system with the same username as the previous year. PLEASE NOTE: teacher passwords will default back to the original 4 number password that is unique to your school. To retrieve/change this password, please follow the instructions above for changing a user’s password. It is necessary that the teacher be assigned to the appropriate class/es for this year. Until a teacher is assigned to a class (with at least one student), he/she will not be able to access that grade’s materials.

How can Principals and Hebrew/Jewish Studies Coordinators oversee the classes?

Principals and Hebrew/Jewish Studies Coordinators should be uploaded through the UMS just as you would upload a teacher. You may then assign them to all of the relevant classes, which will enable them to observe student progress from their own LMS dashboard.

How do I add a “main” teacher to a class?

A “main” teacher is the primary teacher of that particular class. In order to designate which teacher will be the primary teacher of a class, click on “Create Class” if it is a new class, or “Edit Class” if it is an existing class. Towards the bottom you will see a dropdown menu. Select the appropriate teacher and click save. The “main” teacher will be added to the title of the class.

What does iTaLAM provide?

Students’ usernames  to access an innovative digital environment. Students’ booklets, online teachers guides (in Hebrew and in English), teacher training, online professional development through the year, classroom posters of commonly referred to access skills. (For more info about our Professional Development click here)

For which grades are the iTaLAM materials available?

The iTaLAM blended materials are available for grades one through four.

What are the main features of iTaLAM?
  • Facilitated personalized instruction and learning adapted to each student’s level and interests.
  • Accelerated learning through focused flipped instruction.
  • Autonomous learning that enables every student to advance at his/her own pace
  • Fun and engaging activities for students.
  • An advanced Learning Management System, including advanced monitoring and reporting of students’ progress both in class and at home.
  • Ability to connect children not attending Jewish schools to their heritage.
  • Possibility for students to work in groups and utilize social networking for learning purposes.
  • An environment that teaches children to use technology for learning, in addition to its social and entertainment functions.
What are the iTaLAM benefits for the students and teachers?
  • Extending Jewish studies beyond school hours
  • Students practice in their preferred time and place
  • Interactive self-learning activities
  • Outcomes are saved in a virtual notebook and sent to the teacher for evaluation
  • Students control their individual learning pace
  • Advanced teaching and management tools for teachers
  • Full flexibility in selecting teaching methods in the classroom
  • On goign assessmnet reports avaliable for teachers and principals at all time.
  • Online Professional Development
Is iTaLAM connected with a specific movement or hashkafah of Judaism?

iTaLAM created to serve schools of many affiliations. Today many schools  across North America Europe and all over the globe include iTaLAM in their curriculum, including schools affiliated with RAVSAK, independent schools, and schools that identify themselves as Modern Orthodox.

Can differentiated instruction be implemented with iTaLAM?

Yes! The iTaLAM digital environment was developed in 3 levels for different types of students in the same class.

How can technology be integrated into the classroom with iTaLAM?

iTaLAM is a new digital blended learning environment based on the successful TaL AM program, a Hebrew language and Jewish heritage curriculum. The use of the digital environment is with the printed materials in the classrooms such as workbooks, flashcards, posters, games and more. Using iTaLAM on the computers and iPads in the classroom allows working in small groups and with “another teacher” in the classroom.

How do I get iTaLAM in my school?

For additional information about the program, we invite you to reach out to us at contact@italam.org

Additionally, we recommend you evaluate your school’s technical infrastructure to make sure it is compatible with the program. Please review the technical specifications.

What are the technical requirements to use iTaLAM?

Please review the Technical Requirements for iTaLAM.

Distance Learning with iTaLAM
My students are having issues recording

The issues with recording depend on the device used.


If they use iPads, recordings don’t work anymore on iPads, therefore I recommend they don’t use the iTaLAM app anymore, rather they should use iTaLAM in the browser – here is the new link: https://new.italam.org/


Please note it is required to upgrade the iOS to the most recent version.


Setting the support for recording on the browser:




If the students use Mac computers, they can use Safari browser with the new link (https://new.italam.org/) or Google Chrome browser with the original link (www.italam.org)


If the students use Windows PC with Google Chrome browser or Chromebook, recordings of a maximum of 3 pages at a time should work well. Alternatively, they can use https://new.italam.org and record more than 3 pages at a time.

How do I access iTaLAM from home? (for parents)

Please download this helpful sheet with instructions on how to log in to iTaLAM at home.

The guide is also available here in Hebrew.

What is the best way to contact iTaLAM for support?

Please refer to this helpful guide if you need to contact us for support.