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Description: Due to the advent of Covid-19 we are forced to cancel the face to face iTaLAM Summer Training Institutes. The teacher 2020 – 2021 training courses are being revamped and adapted to the remote learning environment to which we have all become accustomed. Join the iTaLAM 2020 – 2021 Training Institute to learn everything you will need to know to teach Hebrew and Jewish Heritage in the class or remotely. 2020 – 2021 iTaLAM Training will consist of a choice of online, interactive, experiential courses.

Target Audience:

  • The curriculum course and the Torah course are appropriate for teachers who are new to iTaLAM or teachers who are teaching a new grades iTaLAM curriculum. 
  • The new course for experienced iTaLAM teachers is only for teachers who have attended at least two iTaLAM Training Institutes in the last five years.
  • The Administrator and Coordinator curse is for administrators and Hebrew/Judaic Studies coordinators only.


2020 – 2021 iTaLAM Training
6 online synchronous sessions in July or August
8 online synchronous sessions from September through May
Asynchronous sessions 

Price: $250
2020 -2021 Summer training only
6 online synchronous sessions in July or August
Price: $180
2020 – 2021 Training from September – May only
8 online synchronous sessions in September through May
Asynchronous sessions
Price: $120
2020 – 2021 Torah
2 online synchronous sessions
Price: $80
2020 – 2021 Administrator/Coordinator Training
4 online synchronous sessions 
Price: Complimentary
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Description: This comprehensive training package offers the advantages of the 2020 – 2021 full year training with an additional 12 personal coaching sessions (two 30-minute sessions per month) for empowerment and exploring pedagogical and educational goals.

Limited number of participants

Target Audience: Teachers NEW to  iTaLAM. Teachers who wish to maximize their teaching process. Teachers interested in a process of personal growth in their field Cost: 

Price: Cost of full year 2020-2021 training ($250)  + $800 for personal training package. 

Description: The webinar is tailored to the needs of the school. Together we will assess the needs and construct the best webinar for your staff.

Target Audience: Specific need-based training for school staff or individual teachers, on demand.

Cost: $150 per hour

Description: iTaLAM experts will come to your school to observe and instruct teachers based on specific educational goals, to enhance the learning process.

Target Audience: Promoting specific issues and needs in each school.

Cost: $500 for one day of training + flight and hotel expenses.

Description: Twelve 30-minutes bi-weekly sessions, September through May.

Limited number of participants

Target Audience: Personal coaching for a deeper integration of the iTaLAM method. Enhanced personal coaching for teachers who have completed training. Personal coaching does not replace any of the iTaLAM teacher training programs.

Cost: $840