Educational Benefits

Our clients enjoy an innovative teaching and learning environment with many options for advanced instruction, using the exclusive tools and services provided by iTaLAM.  


Curious? Here are only some of the exciting benefits and possibilities provided to iTaLAM’s clients: 



LMS – Learning management system 

Data collection in the iTaLAM LMS system is based on the Business Intelligence method. Business Intelligence is a field in data technology, focusing on constructing systems that are meant to aid an organization to gather significant information from the subtotal of data the system collects. 

In iTaLAM, we “borrowed” the method of Business Intelligence and converted it into Educational Intelligence. Our data collection is being done on several levels: 

  1. The student level: The iTaLAM system was developed in three levels of learning, for each of the language skills: reading comprehension, listening comprehension, vocabulary, grammar and synthex. The students always begin in the middle level. The grade they get will determine their next level. A very low grade twice in a row in the same skill level, will transfer them to keep working at a lower level, focusing on the same skill in which they experience challenges.Similarly, a high grade in the same skill will move them to a higher level. This way, the learning process is adjusted. The students receive feedback for their performance, progress and achievements, competing only with themselves, using a score system of stars and points.


  2. The teacher and principals level: The teachers and principals have the ability to watch the data that’s been collected about the students and the class, and by that answer important questions: What did the student learn, how did each student learn, what was the quality of the learning and what did the student manage to create. During the school year of 2022, a new component was added to the system of student’s reports: “Drilldown”, allowing the educational staff to see all the data collected about the student in one, thorough, in-depth report. This report allows teachers to get an overview and a realistic summary of the learning process they led and design the next lesson, unit or year accordingly. 

The data collection method was designed under the leadership of Dr. Talia Haimovich, Data and Learning Analytics Manager, Psychologist and Psychometrician, and Segev Moran – Development Team Leader, Platform and System Architecture Expert. 

NEW :Digital Library in iTaLAM 


In iTaLAM we’ve performed research and a customer survey during the last three years, trying to identify the needs school’s, teacher’s and student’s needs. Among the rest, we’ve noticed the need to aid students who experienced an educational gap, as well as to provide possibilities for new students who joined the program in the higher grades. To answer the need, we created and put together a new iTaLAM tool alongside “Daily Life”: The Digital Library. The students will be given access to the entire selection of books for the same class in one place, as well as the books from past classes. The books of the library are organized by both topics and levels. The guiding principle is reading for pleasure and encouragement for reading. These goals are being served by adding an audio reading to every book and pictures, to aid with the understanding of the story. 


iTaLAM provides additional materials for practice and to help close learning gaps at no additional cost! 


Review Units 

Every class in iTaLAM will be granted access to the materials from the last semester of the previous class. These Review Units support schools in their efforts to close gaps and promote all students to the desired knowledge level. These units also enable schools to adjust the learning process and pace for students or classes who did not complete the curriculum the prior year due to Corona lockdows and restrictions and for students who need a review after the summer vacation. 

HaOlam Shelanu (Our World)

In addition to iTaLAM’s rich program, starting in iTaLAM 3 we’ve added close to 30 enjoyable activities focusing on general and important subjects from our day-to-day lives. These activities were created in order to strengthen the language skills and the day-to-day conversational abilities. The activities offer topics such as clothes, food, numbers, vocabulary and language skills we should always keep practicing! 


Technical support within 24 hours from the moment you apply

In iTaLAM we invest many resources in technical support. We guarantee to provide support within 24 hours and assist schools to go through the iTaLAM program with ease and enjoyment. Our staff includes a technological supporter, QA, contact person, computer engineer and a Director of Development. We do our best to keep our program up to date and compatible with the latest browser updates and newest devices. 


You are more than welcome to contact us for every question or request: Support@italam.org