Summer with iTaLAM

The iTaLAM at Home digital summer program is a stand-alone program, separate from the iTaLAM digital curriculum for schools. Please note that student data from the summer program does not transfer over to the students’ or teachers’ accounts at the start of the school year.


The summer program includes a collection of fun and engaging digital activities and exercises designed to help students practice their Hebrew skills over the school break, retain knowledge from the previous year, and close any learning gaps before the start of the new academic year.


The summer program is currently available for free to all iTaLAM students. Separate usernames and passwords to access the program will be issued to schools following their registration.

  • iTaLAM is intended for use on PC or iPad. Please make sure your personal device meets the necessary technical requirements to use the program before making your purchase.
  • The program is NOT supported for use with phones
  • ”iTaLAM at Home” is a digital, online-only program and does not include printed materials. 


“iTaLAM at Home” offers a range of courses that teach Hebrew language skills from beginner to advanced levels. The courses are intended for children grades 1–5 who will be learning independently.

To use the program, children will require the assistance of an adult with basic knowledge of Hebrew.

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iTaLAM at Home 1

Course 1

The Alef Bet

iTAH1-K1-L, iTAH1-K1-O

Want to get to know the Hebrew alphabet?  Join us in the world of Aleph-Bet letters, where we will sing, play, and create! For each letter, we will listen to a Hebrew song and a story that presents amusing animated characters.

What else? We will write the letters and decorate them, we will play with the letters and add vowels, stars, and medals.

Course 2

Reading & Writing in Hebrew

iTAH1-K2-L, iTAH1-K2-O

Want to learn how to read and write in Hebrew? Join us in the world of stories, songs, games, and riddles in Hebrew! For each letter in the Aleph-Bet we will set out on a wonderful journey, where we will meet the letters, words, and sentences. We will learn to read through stories, and we will be able to record what we have read and then play it back for family and friends. We will also learn to write in Hebrew, compose words and sentences and decorate our creations.

Along the way, we will collect points, stars, and medals and become Hebrew reading and writing champions!

iTaLAM at Home 2

Course 1

Tov Babayit

iTAH2-Y-L, iTAH2-Y-O

Boost your everyday Hebrew skills through fun and engaging games, songs, stories, animated clips, and more! 

Expand your day-to-day vocabulary with a focus on daily activities both inside and outside of the house. Learn about different types of food and clothing, and practice speaking about your daily routine: What do you do in the morning, afternoon, and evening?

Explore the different rooms of the house, i.e., the dining room, the kitchen, the living room; learn to identify household items; and discover the Hebrew names for the different members that make up a family unit. You’ll be speaking Hebrew in no time!

iTaLAM at Home 3

Course 1

Matzlichim Babayit

iTAH3-Y-L, iTAH3-Y-O

In this unit, we will learn about the idea of success – how to achieve success in our day-to-day lives, at school, with friends, and what defines success when living a Jewish lifestyle.

Students will create a memory box, an exercise that will help them develop techniques to document and remember what they learned previously, as well as teach how to successfully recall new information.

Learn about the different types of intelligence, each of which helps us achieve success in our daily lives, as well as discover what traits make each and every one of us unique and contribute to our personal growth and development.

iTaLAM at Home 4

Course 1

Meuchadim Babayit

iTAH4-Y-L, iTAH4-Y-O

In this unit, we will tackle important topics such as personal responsibility and how to help build a society with shared values. We will also examine how to preserve one’s individuality while still being an active member of the larger community.

Through this unit’s interactive activities, you will acquire the skills to identify and solve problems, and learn how to give advice to others. You will also learn how to identify what is unique about every person by examining inner and outer characteristics.

Practice Hebrew words and phrases to use in everyday interactions, discover the value of mutual respect and learn the importance of being considerate towards those who are different.

iTaLAM at Home 5

Course 1

Choshvim Babayit

iTAH5-Y-L, iTAH5-Y-O

This unit is geared towards students approaching the age of Bar/Bat Mitzvah who are preparing to enter middle school.

Advance your critical thinking and spoken Hebrew skills while also learning new aspects of Jewish tradition and heritage. In addition, engage with photos and a brand new video series featuring Israeli children.

As we discuss new beginnings, we will examine ways of overcoming challenges, as well as learn about the importance of remaining hopeful and optimistic at the start of a new endeavour. We will also learn about the six modes of thinking as taught by Dr. Edward de Bono in his book, Six Thinking Hats, to introduce new ways of solving problems.

Through interactive digital activities and lessons, students will learn about a range of professions, and examine their own personal traits, capabilities and aspirations to help them start thinking about their goals for the future.


A unique username and password to access the online program will be sent to you via email within 7 days after register and will be valid through August 31st 2021.

Registration closes on June 30th.


Digital, online-only program and does not include printed materials. Please make sure your personal device meets the necessary technical requirements to use the program before making your purchase.

Register link will open in a new window. If page does not open, please disable pop-ups.

For any questions regarding the program, please contact